4th Avenue & A Street: Mixed Use Residential
Anchorage, Alaska


Located in downtown Anchorage, this mixed use development will provide 5,000 square feet of retail space and two 2,500 square foot condominium units located above. Glass panels cover the majority of the facade allowing for a dynamic, urban and visually interesting development. Floor to ceiling glass at the retail level allows tenants to showcase their products and services while also maximizing visibility into the space. Wood accents highlight the separation between residential and retail spaces. A rooftop patio is incorporated above the retail and extends the residential living space. The units are oriented to provide views of Cook Inlet while also providing separation from the adjacent unit. Careful site planning and building configuration results in a design with maximum daylight and extraordinary views. Spark Design provided the developer with a full concept design package within a very limited timeframe. The quick turnaround allowed the client to immediately begin the process of securing funding and advancing the project.