Natural Pantry: Grocer & Retail Center
Anchorage, Alaska


The project’s design stems from the need to expand this family-owned natural food store. The expression of materials in their natural state reflects the philosophy of the owners and the products sold. Details such as varying canopy heights and columns that resemble trees bring the large structure down to a human scale. Product demonstration area and cafe-style seating featuring a fireplace are integrated into a central community gathering space. As the building’s focal point, this community space is articulated with a circular form that extends above the surrounding portions of the store. Storefront glazing in the circular element creates a soft and inviting glow during the dark winter months. On the Southwest corner of the property, a community garden will be provided and contribute locally grown food to Anchorage’s economically disadvantaged community. Spark Design and our team have worked diligently with the building’s owners to ensure the project opens on time and on budget. A fast-tracked project schedule and numerous design reviews with the Municipality of Anchorage have ensured that the time between project kick-off and project turn over will be limited to approximately 18 months.