Pioneer GI Clinic
Anchorage, Alaska


Spark Design worked closely with the physician and his staff to quickly establish an appropriate program for the demolition and remodel of an existing suite. The gastrointestinal specialty suite includes a waiting room, receptionist, three exam rooms, an infusion room, a treatment room, and support staff space. The patient treatment spaces are located along a linear circulation pathway that allows for separation between patient flow and administrative activities. Indirect lighting and natural materials were incorporated into the design to eliminate the institutional feel and create a warm and welcoming environment. 
Existing perimeter walls and concrete shear walls required a creative solution to achieve the physician’s request for a modern, functional, and efficient suite. The concrete shear wall created limited opportunities for the suite’s entry and secondary exit. Spark Design worked closely with the Structural Engineer to locate the main entry door outside of the shear wall while the secondary exit required a through penetration. This close coordination allowed us to respond to the physician’s request with minimal cost impacts. The suite’s Grand Opening was held on July 3, 2012.