Southcentral Foundation Benteh Nuutah Primary Care Center Artwork
Wasilla, Alaska


This two-story medical office building is Southcentral Foundation’s newest primary care clinic. Spark Design collaborated with representatives from Southcentral Foundation, Chickaloon Village Traditional Council and Knik Tribal Council to design and select artwork located throughout the 84,000 sq ft facility. Spark Design’s in house graphic design department created a series of panels located down the central circulation spine that depict seasonal activities and events of cultural significance to the local tribal organizations. The design incorporates photographs throughout history to modern day and reinforces the vision statement “we were here then, and we are here now.”  Additionally, Spark Design is working on the design a panel for both the Chickaloon Village Traditional Council and the Knik Tribal Council to be located at the onsite tribal offices. These panels include images of tribal ancestors and living tribal members further reinforcing the vision of the Art Committee.